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Young People's Views






What The Young People Say...

"I enjoyed the sexual health workshop, as it was funny as well as educational."

"I enjoyed kayaking as I think I was very good at it.  I also enjoyed the climbing wall as I was good at it too."

"I took part in the project and took the photo's because I thought it would be interesting for people who don't live in the area and for them to see what it looks like."

"I would say I enjoyed going to Blackpool with the Project, I enjoyed going on the big dippers etcetera"

"I enjoyed the cross-community program and going to Holland as it gave me the opportunity to meet people from other cultures and religions."

"The program I was involved in was called 'Preparing The Future' it was about political education and awareness.  We visited the Dail and Westminster Parliaments, as guests of members of both Parliaments, as well as visiting Christian Aid in London.  It has made me more aware of the workings of Politics at different levels."

"Through my participation with the project I got a job."

"It's fun, interesting and educational."


2000  Inner East Youth Project

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