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Mission Statement
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"Through initiating, developing and delivering a range of high quality educational initiatives we aim to work in PARTNERSHIP WITH YOUNG PEOPLE, making it possible for them to articulate their own needs and establish structures suitable to those needs".

The Inner East Youth Project should be endeavouring in:

Inspiring an informing young people

New initiatives

Negotiating and networking with and on behalf of young people

Encouraging and enthusing young people

Respecting young people


Educating young people

Advocating on behalf of young people

Seeking to develop a strategic response to the needs and demands of young people

To enhance the capacity of young people to participate at all levels of development


Young people first 

Opportunities for learning

Underpinning other youth initiatives

To promote the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well being of young people

Health awareness through issue based themes


Providing support and space for young people

Rights for young people

Offering equality and celebrating differences

Jointly addressing issues of importance to young people and the community

Enabling the personal development of young people

Creativity, commitment and fun

To support the next generation


2000  Inner East Youth Project

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